Seaview Pier, Topsail Island, NC

Seaview Fishing Pier on Topsail Island NC

Seaview Pier on the north end of the island is 1000 feet long and family owned and operated. It is open 24 hours a day.

It has a fully stocked pier store at the bottom entrance and a restaurant that is located on the 2nd floor, offering burgers and plates. King mackerel fishing at the end of the pier provides some big time fishing and excitement. For the rest of us, spots, flounder, blues, Spanish mackerel, mullets, etc. will provide the fishing fun and food for the skillet. Please note that no dogs are allowed on the pier.

Novices can rent a rod and buy some shrimp for bait and get plenty of bites from small "pinfish" that are usually about 5 inches long and congregate around the pier. The pinfish are generally too small to keep but catching them is fun.

The cost for this experience is about $22. At the Seaview Pier, the rod and tackle rental is $8; it costs $8 to fish from the pier (good until 6 a.m. the following morning); and a bag of shrimp is $6. This is a great option for getting started with pier fishing as pinfish usually will bite often and there is a good chance of catching a small bluefish. The bluefish should be cleaned before leaving the pier, throwing the head and entrails back into the sea. Besides renting the tackle, it is useful to buy a small knife for $1.50 and a five-gallon bucket, to hold the fish you catch and want to keep, for $5.124 Fishing Pier Ln NC 28460 (910) 328-3172




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